There are no hotels as such on Soi Six, although the Sandman does call itself a hotel. The following bars and pubs offer decent rooms for rent

Our recommendations

The Sandman Hotel and Sports bar would be the closest thing you will find to a hotel on Soi 6 and is well worth considering. We would happily recommend the following

Ruby Club – quite possibly the best quality rooms on the Soi.

Sexy in the City – decent quality rooms at a good price.

Queen Victoria Pub – unlike the bars who offer rooms this has a full kitchen and restaurant so breakfast is available.

Scooters – themed rooms, not to everyone’s taste but very nice for those who like it.

Please note – although there are many rooms available on Soi 6, plus it is close to the beach, we would not recommend staying there unless you are a fan of the Soi and all it entails. It is certainly not a place for families, especially those with young children.

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