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Foxy bar Pattaya was the ninth bar in Soi 6 to be added to the Nightwish Group stable. It was purchased in January 2016. It underwent an extensive refurbishment in September 2016 and re-opened on the 28th. It is now an open bar, well designed, and air conditioned inside despite being open to the street. There is an image of the new look below.

At the time of writing it remains to be seen how the new bar will operate. However, they have followed the tried and tested layout and format in most of the other eight bars. so, we can expect a party style bar with a lively and open atmosphere. Foxy bar Pattaya

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Address : Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand. 20150
Contact : +66 (0)7032316879
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  1. Such a turnaround from the old bar and deffo for the better. What was a rather tired old bar is now really bouncing. Some great looking, and fun, girls now also. Not at all surprised it has sneaked into you most popular bars section even in such a short time.

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