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Kiss Kool bar is one of the oldest established bars on Soi 6. It is located close to the Beach Road end of the Soi, on the right hand side if you are facing towards the beach.

This bar has changed hugely over the years. seven or eight years ago it was probably the most popular bar on the Soi, along with Red Point close by. In those days it was full of faux tiger skin sofas and was always busy. These days it is still a large enclosed bar but is far more airy inside with less comfotable seating and, for some reason, some motorbikes.

There are rooms available for rent on both short and long term lets. These used to be on their website but that seems to have mysteriously disappeared.

Opening Hours – 13.00 to 01.00

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Address : Soi 6, Beach Road, North Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand.
Contact : via Facebook
Website : they had one but its seems to have gone
Facebook :

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