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La La Land bar opened in April 2014 and is located down near the Beach Road end of Soi 6 in Pattaya, Thailand. It is designed to be a hassle free bar. While many bars have turned into party/drinking bars La La Land has remained faithful to the Soi 6 ideology of concentrating on the business at hand with a nice fully air conditioned private bar away from prying eyes. That said it is certainly one of the quieter bars on the Soi so whether that ethos can remain in place remains to be seen.

The bar is designed to allow you to sit down, and relax in a private surrounding without blaring music and parties interrupting your private time.

Opening Hours – 13.00 to 01.00

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Address : 437/10 Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand (close to Beach Road)
Contact : 063 106 3660
Website : none
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  1. Good luck to the new owners. Graveyard location and amazed it sold. The price must have been right I guess. They will need to really turn things around to make a success of a Beach Road end bar.

  2. Pretty dead these days. Rocks when it has customers in but its in the deadwater end of the 6. Even those who wander down this far quickly realise there is more fun to have at the other end. Great toilet seat though 🙂

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