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The rather intriguingly name Lick bar, often incorrectly called Click bar is located in Soi 6 in Pattaya, Thailand. It is close to the 2nd Road end of the Soi on the left hand side if you are walking towards Beach Road.

The controversy over the name stems from their sign, it could easily read as either. Many an argument has raged since it opened but the telling point is that the bar’s own beer mats and coolers clearly say Lick. Rumour has it, and I stress it is just a rumour as that the sign was deliberately made to be ambiguous due to some concern from the authorities over the name. Either way i am sure the bar owners are have a good laugh over all the bar-stool arguments they created.

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Address : Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand 20150
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  1. Went to this place on May 15, 2017. Long story short, the girl at the bar and the mamasan turned away services from me because I was black. One girl at the bar said that the Click Bar doesn’t provide services to black people. If of all the ten girls there, they all decided they weren’t interested in making money, I would be fine with that, but to have someone in a place like Thailand where many of us go to get away from the stress of our daily world to have to deal with this is nonsense. Save your time, energy, and money. Go straight to the King Kong bar, Lolitas, Pump Station, or somewhere else if you’re looking for the classic BJ bar. I had a lot of great experiences at King Kong Bar during my trip. After this incident happened, I contacted the manager through e-mail to give him a chance to explain. I haven’t received a return e-mail yet, so I wanted to share my experiences.

    • We are sorry to hear this. Has anyone else had the same experience? The good news is you would be welcome in all the other bars I am sure.

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