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Lisa bar Pattaya is located down towards the Beach Road end of Soi 6 in Pattaya, Thailand. It is located half way down the Soi on the right hand side if you are walking from 2nd Road. Next door to Ruby Club. It is a single unit bar and hard to miss as the girls wear bright uniforms every day; sometimes very elaborate costumes. Examples of which you can see in the gallery below.

Although the bar is popular, and has a reasonable reputation as a fun bar, it can be a hit and miss. One day the girls seem to be in good moods the next nothing will move them. They also tend to be somewhat on the larger side although that is very much a general observation. Each to their own after all!

Lisa bar

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Address : Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand 20150
Contact : via Facebook
Website : none
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  1. Used to be one of the best bars on the Soi but those days seem long gone. No marketing, no Social Media so has been overtaken by the more forward thinking bars.

  2. This website has a lot of potential but it needs way more ground work apart from taking photos from bars Facebook pages. Lisa bar is not of the bars that update their pages frequently, so you’re actually using way dated photos. Wish you good luck anyway.

    • We take your point, very much actually, however a few things to bear in mind.

      1. Its a directory – the main purpose is to provide location and contact details. Not a site for photo hunters.

      2. Its a FREE site – only so much we can really do with those. Each page averages 144 views per day, not huge but worthwhile exposure for a free site. Its up to the bar owners to take use of it. It doesn’t take them an age to add a photo on Facebook, in turn updating the images here – as you correctly surmise Lisa bar doesn’t bother – not much we can do to about that!

      3. As you (correctly) say Lisa bar does not update its Facebook. This can be seen in the feed below which shows the last update being 10 months ago. It is really up to the bars to keep their feeds up to date – some do, some don’t but I agree those who do are generally the more successful bars on the Soi.

  3. One star from me. Turning into a clip joint. Take take, no give give. Girls not ibterested, please get them off their phones.

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