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The Nightwish bar Pattaya was the first bar to be opened by what is now the Night Wish Group of bars on Soi 6. There are currently fourteen bars in the group, twelve of which are on Soi 6. The others in Soi Six being Horny bar, Sexy in the City, The Pussy Club. Toy Box, Offshore bar, Butterfly bar, Foxy bar, Kawaii bar. Mod’s bar, Sweet Ass and Nature bar.

At the time of updating (end of September 2016) Night Wish is probably one of the two busiest bars on Soi 6, the other being Ruby Club. I would go so far as to say it is one of the busiest “beer bars” in Pattaya and has been so for some considerable time.

It is located closer to the Beach Road end of Soi 6 on the right hand side if you are walking down towards the beach from Second Road. It is closely associated with the huge Pattaya Addicts web forum and as such is one of the busiest bars on the six. Indeed one of the most popular bars in Pattaya! If you are new to Soi 6 or looking for new friends and wing men then Night Wish bar is a great place to start. You will always be warmly welcomed and it never takes long to make new friends.

The bar itself is a single unit and is open to the street. There is a full air curtain so the bar is cool inside but you can sit and watch the world walk by outside. There are several tables with stool seating although we notice a lot of the customers tend to be standing a lot of the time. At peak times or when there is a party it tends to be standing room only anyway.

It probably has more parties and events than any other bar in Pattaya, let alone on Soi 6! Far too many to mention here but they keep their Facebook page very up to-date and you can click the Facebook Link below of view the news-feed at the bottom of this page.

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Address : Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand.
Contact : The manager on Facebook or on +66 (0)909252597
Website :
Facebook :

Youtube Channel – Nightwish Group Soi 6

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  1. First time back in Pattaya for a few years recently. Had a few days on Soi 6. This bar was constantly buzzing. Why is it so popular?

    • Its a very well run bar is the real reason. Having an efficient, and popular, manager is key these days. It advertises quite extensively and over three years has built both a solid reputation and large customer base.